Astrid de Pauw - - Studio: Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam, Netherlands - KvK 59500204

About my work

By drawing, I try to find ground in the ambiguous reality that surrounds me. I image the complexness of impressions that are close to me, with drawings, mono prints and photos. 

In drawing, a connection is made between images and emotions. In that process I explore a wider area, giving space to opposing forces that may coexist together: holding vs. releasing, beauty vs. horror, dream vs. reality. With my work I try to do justice to that complexity of life.


Drawing Centre Diepenheim, masterclass Robbie Cornelissen, Diepenheim (2017)

Willem de Kooning Academy, Bachelor of Fine Arts, drawing (2009-2012)

InHolland, University of Applied Sciences, Communication&Design (1994-1998)


Dordrechts Museum, Masterclasses mono type (2019)

Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, (studio visit, 2018)

Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Fine Art (guest lecturer, 2014)

Curator at Psynapse gallery


Look at Me! (solo show: Wilma Kun)

Sacred Scenes (solo show: Marguerite de Geus)

Everything flows (solo show: Bima Engels)

Inside Out (group exhibition: Hans Andringa - Rogier Arents - Wilco Lamberts - Michalina Malolepsza - Niki Murphy - Astrid de Pauw - Esther Schoonhoven - Kitty van der Veer - Ilja van Vlaardingen - Martijn te Winkel)

Motives Matter (solo show: Inge van Haastert)


Take Opposing Dreams Make Something Undiscovered (duo show: Peter Smink and Micheal van Kekem)

Silent Garden (solo show: Sebastian Haquin)

The Need for yellow (solo show: Nikki Murphy)

Drawings (solo show: Tamara Jungnickel)

Outlander (solo show: Marloes Aben)

Deeper than Skin (solo show: Jolanda Linssen)



Disclosure (solo show: Esther Schoonhoven)

Is She Here? (solo show: Kate Nobbs)

Far from Close (solo show: Annelies van de Greef)

Black, Blue and Thunder (solo show: Coen Janssen)

The Room Within (solo show: Alonso Ayala)

Openstudios Borgerstraat Art week Rotterdam

Production and curating Project Underground #2 (2019)

Production and curating Project Underground #1 (2018)

Production (2017)

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